Omorose Dr. Nabilas Slimming Shed

Omorose Dr. Nabilas Slimming Shed has emerged as super specialist in non surgical - non invasive Skin, Hair & Body Treatments and extending its experienced hand to you since 4 years helping you in maintaining, preserving and grooming your beauty both internally and externally.

We simply put our best efforts in serving you as an ethical organization and as part of service industry but what makes us different in our business of keeping you beautiful has a story behind it. Formal training and qualifications acquired by Omorose doctors & staff under the guidance of the promoter, Dr. Nabila with her sound background of Alternative Medicine.

Our patients are important to us and we work very hard to ensure their complete satisfaction by educating every patient on home care routine and providing follow up calls after every treatment, we are able to guarantee the best results possible.

Our passion is giving back the freedom of confidence to people through high quality treatments at affordable prices! So call for a consultation. Discover how the newest medical technologies can provide a solution for you.



 If you'd love to lose weight without starving, then Omorose  premium signature body contouring therapy is the right thing for you. Now reach your weight loss dream enjoying the food you love!


Omorose takes a more clinical approach to skin care than you may have found elsewhere. We combine the latest hi-tech equipment with natural but scientifically proven skin care products to ensure we can tailor the ideal treatment for the one unique you.  


Omorose provides both invasive and non-invasive treatments for hair loss and hair restoration. New techniques and faster recovery times make it possible to achieve a more natural result with a minimally invasive procedure. 


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Omorose - Dr. Nabila's Slimming Shed

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Open All Days : 11am - 8pm

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